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fake gascan oakleys Nigerian leader denies worth 0 millionAssociated PressAssociated Press   Fri, Oct 10, 2014

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Nigeria s President Goodluck Jonathan is threatening to sue a website that listed him as one of Africa s richest presidents, worth 0 million.

RichestLifestyle.com responded Friday by withdrawing Jonathan s name from its list of nine African leaders ranging in supposed wealth from President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola at billion to Zimbabwe s President Robert Mugabe at million.

A statement from presidential adviser Reuben Abati condemned the attempt to unjustifiably portray the president as a corrupt leader and incite public disaffection against him.

It said Jonathan s worth is a very, very far cry from 0 million and that he has regularly declared his assets as required by law. Jonathan, who is expected to contest elections in February, has been criticized for not publicly declaring his worth.

As is well known, President Jonathan has never been a businessman or entrepreneur, but a life-long public servant, it said. He has had no personal income since 1999 other than his official remuneration, it said.

The statement demanded a retraction and unreserved apology.
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